How to use your icing paper topper

Please store your cake topper in the grip seal bag and board backed envelope provided. Store away from extremes of temperature or high humidity. Best to store in a dry cool cupboard.

Your topper will stay fresh for approx 6 months from purchase if stored correctly.

Cake toppers work well on most cake coverings including, fondant icing, buttercream icing, glaced icing and chocolate.

The covering on the cake should not be dry or crusted, if it is apply a slight mist of water to slightly dampen but dont soak.

If your topper is a circle and requires cutting, please cut with dry sharp scissors.

Peel the topper from the backing sheet and place on the cake. Press out until it is flat and there  are no wrinkles or bubbles. If you have problems with the toppers peeling off the backing sheet or sticking together just place them in the fridge for a minute or two. 

Only icing paper is supplied on a backing sheet, wafer paper is ready to cut and put onto the cake the same way as you would apply icing paper toppers.